Sales Trigger Personalization Formula

Sales Trigger Personalization Formula

In outbound sales, personalization is key to catching the attention of your prospects and standing out in their inbox or voicemail. But with so much research and data out there, it can be overwhelming to determine what to focus on when crafting your outreach.

That’s where the Sales Trigger Personalization Formula comes in:

Personalization formula

Developed by working with hundreds of reps across different verticals in B2B SaaS, this formula provides a starting point for incorporating research into your messaging.

The personalization is based on company-level triggers, which provide the most scalability. Once you craft messaging for a specific company-level trigger/signal you can quickly reuse it over and over.

The template

The basic template consists of three parts:

  1. The signal/trigger is a qualifying piece of intel you found that helps align your value proposition with your prospect’s priorities.
  2. The hook adds relevance to your signal and builds a bridge to your value proposition.
  3. Finally, the value proposition should be a relevant benefit related to your hook.

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You'll get:

  • A practical breakdown of the formula
  • How to apply it to your product / offering
  • Messaging examples from actual SaaS companies
  • A message crafting cheat sheet

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