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  • Library of 40+ sales triggers
  • Personalization 1-pagers
  • Weekly trigger alerts
  • Account scoring
  • Detective Anywhere chrome extension
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  • All features in Hustler
  • Custom sales triggers
  • Dynamic account lists
  • Company monitoring
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  • All features in Trusted Advisor
  • No usage limits
  • CRM sync
  • Team collaboration
  • Dedicated content strategist
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The tools you need to start selling with sales triggers

HustlerTrusted AdvisorTeam Edition
Library of 40+ sales triggers
Personalization 1-pagersGet all your account research in one placeUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Weekly trigger alertsStart your week with alerts on your top accounts
Account scoringPrioritize which accounts to reach out to based on their latest triggers
Detective Anywhere
(Browser extension)
Custom sales triggersDefine your own sales triggers specific to your company's value prop15Unlimited
Monitored accountsNever miss an opportunity to engage with your target accounts550Unlimited
Dynamic account listsBuild and segment account lists by sales trigger - enable scalable messaging plays1Unlimited
CRM account sync
Team collaboration
Dedicated account strategist
Start Prospecting14-day free trialContact Sales

Our clients see real results

Our sales conversion rates jumped by 20% after using Detective. My sales team is more prepared, focused, and ready for every call.

Chris Kephart - VP of Sales

We reduced account research time from 30-45 minutes to 15 minutes. Giving almost 30 minutes back to my reps per meeting to be actually selling.

Ross Wallace - Director, Sales Development

This is a game changing tool. Hugely useful for strategic selling.

Gordon Kirchner - Enterprise Sales Development

More selling, less searching

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