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A tool for collaborative network analysis

Discover how is a tool for collaborative network analysis.
Explore connections in your collected data in seconds and edit them with your coworkers.

Get started in seconds.

Need to untangle a web of companies? Keep track of a long-running issue with too many items to write them down? lets you organize all your information on a topic. Effortlessly.

Save time and capitalize on archived knowledge.

Remember how it feels to search for a piece of information you wrote down weeks ago? This will be over with

Collaborate with anyone.

Add people to your investigation. Even the non tech-savvy will understand the workflow and contribute intuitively.

It's structured!

All information on is machine-readable (use CSV export or the API). Structuring your data helps you see trends and patterns. And you don't have to read through your whole archive.

Source everything.

Every single item can be sourced. Because, y'know, being sued for libel really sucks.

Import your data.

With our paid plans, you can import your data in bulk, so that you don't have to start from scratch.

What our users say

“Like putting a thousand-piece puzzle together”

Verena Porsch consults NGOs. She used to expose agreements between textile companies and subcontracting factories, and linked it back to accidents. Thousands of brands and companies came together in her investigation, The Origin of Clothes.

“All my knowledge in one place”

Adeline Agut is a consultant for water issues. She used to organize her data on innovative water projects in developing countries. She can now reach into her own knowledge base at any time, on any device.

“Collaboration made easy”

Alexandre Léchenet is an investigative journalist. He used to store data on a transnational investigation. Because it's easy to use, he could invite colleagues from all over Europe to collaborate.

Organize your investigation online, securely.

Add, structure, and mine information anywhere, from any device. Make your knowledge accessible to your colleagues, boss, readers or clients in seconds.
Data-driven investigations.