You're too valuable to be the
Chief Salesforce Babysitter

Babysitting your nephew = fun.
Secretly raiding Aunt Sue's fridge = fun.
Nagging adults to use Salesforce correctly = not fun.

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Eliminate the need to
train people twice

You might not know this, but a small turtle gets flipped onto its back every time a trainer is asked to train the same person on the same thing again and again. I digress, over on the left you'll see how Detective guides users through step by step.

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Stop drowning in
technical questions

Does anyone ever read what's under these? Just in case, here are some boring questions you might get over and over: How do I create an opportunity? How do I forecast properly? How do I change my password?
Let us take care of these for you.

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Our customers see real results

Increase in meetings set
"Our sellers landed almost twice as many meetings with Detective without needing to increase call volume."
Increase in conversions
"Our sales conversion rates jumped by 20% after using Detective. My sales team is more prepared, focused, and ready for every call."
Hours saved
"We reduced account research time from 30-45 minutes to 15 minutes. Giving almost 30 minutes back to my reps per meeting to be actually selling."

Be the adoption hero.