Scale Personalized Outreach

Buyers receive more emails than ever. The solution? Be different, be relevant.

Arm Reps With Powerful Data

You pay your sellers too much to have them waste time Googling. Keep them focused.

2x Cold Call

It’s amazing what happens when you’ve done your account-research.

We do the digging so you can focus on selling

Detective automates your sales research process before you say "hello." We sift through 1000's of sources so you can sell with value.

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Make your sellers wildly prepared with buyer intel

Teach Detective to find critical intel on all your accounts. It’s up to you what you want it to find. Use it before cold calls, meetings, and outreach.

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Type in a prospect and watch Detective do your research

Say goodbye to opening 100's of tabs. Say hello to Browser Automation: Customize Detective to do YOUR prospecting and research process right in your browser.

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98% of sales calls and emails fail

Most emails and calls aren’t paid attention to for more than a couple seconds because they are irrelevant, generic, and recycled.

Now you'll know what will make buyers respond

Our clients' outreach performs better than their competition. It's amazing how many execs reply when you speak to their pains and priorities.

Have us transform your emails

Our customers see real results

The amount of prospects
"This is a game changing tool. Hugely useful for strategic selling."
Increase in conversions
"Our sales conversion rates jumped by 20% after using Detective. My sales team is more prepared, focused, and ready for every call."
Hours saved
"We reduced account research time from 30-45 minutes to 15 minutes. Giving almost 30 minutes back to my reps per meeting to be actually selling."

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