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Finally, strike a balance between personalization and speed so you can hit your quota without spamming your prospects.

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Be relevant. Be compelling.

Get relevant talking points for every cold call, email, and social touch.

Target accounts with precision.

Use custom signals to build the high-intent account lists you've always wanted.

Find contacts on autopilot.

Your key buyer personas laid out for each account with 1-click.


Build your dream prospecting list

Precision-target your prospects and say goodbye to spray-n-pray 👋

Relevance for Every Touch

Lead every personalized email, cold call, and social touch with real-time insight into your buyer's projects, and priorities.

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How Detective works

Improve your targeting, timing, and relevance with a little help from Detective.

Find your prospect's pain signals

Detective mines all 4 public sources where companies reveal their pains and priorities:

Job Posts

Every time a company posts a job they reveal details into their org structure, needs, and priorities.

News / Announcements / Press Releases

From executive quotes to corporate milestones, product launches, or litigation, have Detective listen for the news that matters to you.

Financials / Earnings Calls

Monitor every earnings call, annual report, and quarterly filing for risk factors and initiatives that align with your solution.

Their Website

Scrape their entire website for important pages and keywords or get insight into the tools they use in their stack.

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Prioritize based on relevance

Work smarter, not harder. Detective prioritizes the prospects with the highest relevance to your product that are the most likely to respond.

Dynamic contact suggestions

Reach out to the most relevant buyer personas based on what's happening inside the company. End-user challenges? Find a manager that cares. Came across a strategic initiative? Hit the C-suite.

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Detective fits neatly into your existing prospecting flow

Been burned by zero-adoption tools before? It's not "another place to go." Detective follows you wherever you prospect. Rolling out to your team is a snap.

Chrome extension

❤️ Sales reps love Detective

Detective is filling the gap that market intel tools and CRM's don't meet. Since we got access, our team has been #1 the last 2 weeks after the Detective-driven meetings came in.

Erik Z - BDR Manager

I can do my pre-call research "mid-dial" with

Ray C - Sales Development Rep

Best customer service of any tool I've used for sales prospecting. I'm not usually an early adopter, but the UI was so easy I fell right into using it before every call.

John N - Sales Development Rep

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