Software Training
Shouldn't Be Painful

Speed up onboarding and reduce classroom hours with our just-in-time trainer that sits right in any software.


Transform How You Onboard Employees

Onboarding lessons are quickly forgotten. With Detective, users are reminded to follow even the most forgettable but critical steps. We believe in learning in small drips as opposed to large blasts.

Make Every User a Power User

Finally get what you wanted out of your teams software investments by making it impossible for users to get stuck in a complicated process.

Eliminate Guesswork

Users will have easy access to a personal training assistant right where they're stuck. No more wasted time digging for training videos and job aides. No more skipped steps.

Let Detective Do the Heavy Lifting

Decrease Support Tickets

Give users the confidence they need to complete any process correctly, no more running to support.

Stop Remaking Training Decks

Your training material shouldn't go out of date when your software is updated. Detective adapts to changes on the fly.

Cut Training Time

Escape one-off questions and classroom time. Get your days back to focus on mission-critical projects.

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