Get more meetings by
targeting the right prospects

Help your reps find the right contacts at the right accounts. Prevent them from wasting time reaching out to the wrong prospects.


Transform How Your Reps Find Contacts

With Detective, your reps will find all the right contacts at a company for each of your unique value propositions. Help your reps stop wasting time selling the wrong message to the wrong roles.

Help reps quickly qualify prospects

Detective provides quick access to basic demographic information about companies in order to help your sales reps quickly qualify or disqualify a prospect.

Reduce training time about who your reps should be selling to

Detective helps your reps qualify and find the right contacts everyday. Avoid repeat training and wasted time by re-inforcing who your ideal customer is as part of the sales process.

Let Detective Do the Heavy Lifting

Find your champions faster

Help your reps find the people at target prospects who have the problems you solve.

Stop wasting time

Your reps should only be setting qualified meetings with your target buyers.

Cut Training Time

Re-inforce your target market with your reps everyday.

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