Make Rolling Out New Software Effortless

Get your users to adopt every and all new software purchases without hours of retraining and endless nagging.

Frustrated Person

Never Let a New Software Hold Users Back

Detective is a just-in-time trainer that makes learning a new software process smooth and seamless.

Avoid Hours of Retraining

You no longer need to pull users into a classroom to teach them a new process. Change can be tough but walkthroughs take all the confusion out of learning and completing any new process.

Empower Self Learning

Users can access a guided walkthrough from any software whenever they get stuck. We'll be the enforcer from here on out so that they follow every process completely and correctly, every time.

Let Detective Set Users Up For Success

Cut User Complaints

End the resistance from users and trainers by making is easy to adopt a new software and process.

Create Positive Change

By giving users a just-in-time personal training assistant, they can complete processes correctly every time.

Benefit From True Adoption

Reap the benefits of your software investments by setting up users for success from the start.

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