How Detective Works

Detective's Walkthroughs are easy for admins to create and for users to follow. Detetive acts as a just-in-time trainer within your software. My Grandma became an expert in our software after using Detective and she can't even use an iPhone.

How to Create a Guided Walkthrough

1. Install Detective

Detective can be downloaded and installed in 15 seconds onto any website or web application as its a simple browser add-on. No code. No IT support.

2. Create a Walkthrough

With Detective open, place a help prompt anywhere on the page. Place as many prompts as you need. Most walkthroughs take under 3 minutes to create.

3. Launch It to Your Team

Click Publish. From then on, Detective will guide your team through each step to make sure they follow the best practices in your apps.

How to View a Detective Walkthrough

1. Stuck? Click Your Assistant.

Whenever you're not sure what the next step is or make a mistake, Detective lives in all your tools and is ready to help.

2. Ask Detective a Question

Ask a question or click one of the most common questions for the page you're on.

3. On-Screen Guidance Begins

Keep going, now with your assistant guiding you the rest of the way! Like a GPS.

Ready to get started with Detective?