CRM adoption, simplified

CRM adoption as it should be. No training sessions, no support tickets, just in-the-moment training guides available to each user inside your CRM at the moment when they need it most.

Frustrated Person

CRM adoption tools designed for your team

Detective helps you increase your adoption rates by providing learners and users with the training materials they need inside the CRM where they need it.

Fix the confusion

Improve adoption of your CRM processes and naming conventions by making it clear where to go for help and easily accessible.

No more hand-holding

You can't rely on your team to be able to flip back through their notes from training sessions every time they have a question. Help your team become more consistent and self-sufficient with guided walkthroughs of your most critical tasks.

Detective + Your CRM = Winning

Improve data quality

Bad data. Missing data. Errors. All things you can expect when CRM users are left to do things their own way. With Detective, users are more consistent and with that, the quality of your data will improve dramatically.

Increase forecasting accuracy

With consistent process and inline reminder for naming conventions, your team will provide quality data points that will dramatically improve your ability to create accurate forecasting for leadership.

Free up support teams

By giving users the help they need inside the CRM, your sales operations and enablement teams will be freed up to work on important and strategic projects instead of answering the same questions every day.

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