CRM adoption, simplified

CRM adoption as it should be. Make your CRM a place of value for your reps. Help them qualify accounts, find contacts and find reasons to reach out.

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CRM adoption tools designed for your team

Detective helps you increase your adoption rates by providing valuable tools to your reps inside your CRM where they need it.

Customize your CRM to fit your sales process

Detective is easily customizeable to your sales processes and lives right on top of your CRM. Help your reps close more deals by enabling them to follow an effective and repeatable sales process right inside the CRM.

Integrate your CRM with your other internal tools

Detective easily integrates with your internal sales tools. Needs reps to check your internal data set before reaching out? What if they could easily do that right inside the CRM?

Detective + Your CRM = Winning

Improve data quality

Bad data. Missing data. Errors. All things you can expect when CRM users are left to do things their own way. With Detective, users are more consistent and with that, the quality of your data will improve dramatically.

Increase forecasting accuracy

When your reps are using your CRM everyday, you will have more accurate data on opportunities and leads, enabling you to have more accurate forecasting.

Free up support teams

By giving users the tools they need inside the CRM, your sales operations, aenablement teams and management teams will be freed up to work on important and strategic projects instead of reminding reps to use the CRM.

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