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About the project

This database is maintained by Verena Porsch.

The project

TOOC monitors the garment sector and its new accord developments between textile suppliers and providers using techniques from the fields of data science and network analysis. Using open-source intelligence, it structures information and data on factories, brands, companies in the industry as well as incidents in factories and casualties. Numerous agreements have been signed in the last years but few watchdogs follow-up on them.

TOOC’s methodology and tools make it extremely efficient at aggregating information.

Findings so far

Several companies signed agreements but kept having incidents in their factories later on, at the same rate as before the agreement was signed. In other words, TOOC’s preliminary results show that agreements between suppliers and buyers do not produce meaningful outcomes for workers.

Our aim

The project monitors the retailers' track record of improving conditions in their subcontracting factories and allows a transparent insight into production chains of big textile companies. 

TOOC aims to (re-) build trust between retailers and consumers and provides journalists and policy-makers with relevant updates of the sector’s development.   

Picture © ILO/Aaron Santos: Ando International garment factory (Better Work Vietnam)

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